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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Marc Almond Top Thirty...

Ben over at the Marc chat section of the Marc Almond & Soft Cell Message Board is compiling a top 100 list of favourite Marc songs. You can submit you own top 30 as a contribution. So here's mine:

3.You Have
6.I Created Me
7.Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
8.A Woman's Story
9.Loving You Hating Me
11.Tainted Love
12.St Judy
13.Tenderness Is A Weakness
14.If You Go Away
15.Black Heart
16.Child Star
17.Insecure Me
19.Ruby Red
20.The Boy Who Came Back
21.Mother Fist
22.Caroline Says
23.Broken Hearted & Beautiful
24.Ruby Red
25.When Bad People Kiss
26.Stories of Johnny
28.Tenderness is a Weakness
29.Self Control
30.Kitchen Sink Drama


  1. I used to love A Lover Spurned but think it's splipped down my fav list of late from being over-played back at Overyourhead Villas.

    It would have made my Top 40...

    Any other favs you have?

  2. This is another of those things that's like asking someone to choose their favourite child! But...but...maybe if it's quiet in the office tomorrow...

  3. PS. I originally thought the first two words of this posting were 'Bend over'. This probably says more about me than it does about you.

    PPS. I've only just realised that the song which is probably my number one isn't in your list at all! Namely, 'What Makes A Man A Man?'. Shocker!

    PPPS. It wasn't quiet in the office today. In fact, my manager and I had a big row. Hence non-existence of said list...


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