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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Footballer's Wife's revenge...

Be careful what you send people. If you later split you can't unsend it. And it may just find it's way onto the Interwebnet. As Middlesbrough defender Matthew Bates found out to his cost.


  1. Fantastic - you'd think a professional footballer could afford better pants though! Straight men - there's no saving them.....

  2. Oh... crumbs.


    *hastily pages down*

    Very nice, but you might just want to add a little NSFW warning to the link. ;-)

  3. Opps. Sorry about that!

  4. Oh those old photos! I've had them for two months. They haven't done his reputation any harm though. Let's face it, he has every reason to feel very proud, and I'm sure he's getting a lot of offers...


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