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Monday, May 24, 2004

My Weekend...
What a weekend! Paul's sister Anne and her husband Paul came to stay on Friday. Paul is like The Simpsons' Otto Man in every respect. Needless to say we had a blaaaast, maaan. My head is still spinning.

On Saturday Marky and I went to my sister's engagement party out in Benington in deepest darkest Hertfordshire. Joanna and Martin are tying the knot next year and by way of marking the year's build-up Martin threw a lavish engagement party for a hundred of their nearest and dearest - huge marquee, endless drinks, disco, fully catered food, flowers, fireworks - the lot. It was just a shame is was so cold once the sun went down. It was great fun though and everyone soon warmed up once they started dancing. Roll on the wedding itself.

Sunday was a games afternoon, Adrian and Drew came over to play Nintendo. I'd recently bought a projector and after a rushed trip to Wickes and a spot of painting we had a giant white screen to play Mario Kart: Double Dash with three foot high cars. Way cool.

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