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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Where do you see yourself in five years time?...
Internal target setting time is here again at the office. And the question that always comes up in these management chats is, 'where do you see yourself in five years time?' So for once I've been thinking about it...

I am a person who requires job satisfaction in order to be happy and productive in my work and this is what I have set my mind on achieving in the medium term. For me to have job satisfaction I need a few things. I need to be working to my potential, if not stretched, and I need to be busy. I need to be contributing and to be recognised for that contribution. I need to be valued by the organisation and my peers. I need involvement to the extent that work becomes part of life and not just an attachment to it. You might think that I am asking a lot but this is the goal I have set myself and I hope to achieve well within five years. To a great extent the actual position I am in is secondary in my needs. Some people are not happy unless they achieve a certain power or a certain salary but to me job satisfaction is the most important thing. If you have a satisfying job you are lucky regardless of how high up the ladder you are - the top, the middle or the bottom. I believe if you enjoy your job and you do it well everything else flows from that.)

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