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Monday, October 16, 2017

Day 4: Merida: Hot, hot, hot! ...

We departed Mexico City and headed to the airport (which was modern, efficient and welcoming) for our trip to the Mayan Reiiera and the ancient city of Merida.

The flight was a little bumpy (a small leftover hurricane maybe) but as we disembarked from the plane the heat hit us, Pow! Right in the kisser (as Peter Griffin might say). 33 degrees in the shade. Roasting hot in the sun. 

Our guide Pablo was there to greet us and as the sweat poured down our faces he explained that we had a day to explore and acclimatise to the city before our touring started properly. And talking one look at our pale skin said we'd probably need buckets of sunscreen, big hats, and plenty of water. 

Our Hotel Hacienda Merida was beautiful and cool with a pool to boot.

Once settled we wandered through bright painted houses and the dusty streets towards the city centre where we picked a traditional Mexican restaurant to dine. Weird and delicious we noshed our way through the feast trying to avoid the hottest of the hot chillies.

We then headed back to our hotel to swim and relax.

A calm day before the adventures (and heat!) to come.

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