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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Art of Carolling @ Barbican...

Last Sunday Stuart and decided to go carolling in London's glitzy Barbican. Not content with the odd fa-la-la, we decided to pay a visit to a couple of art exhibitions too; 'Apple' to 'Anomaly' photography exhibition at the Barbican Curve and 'Cabarets & Clubs in Modern Art' at the Barbican Art Gallery.

The photography was fun. 30,000 photographs with each slightly different to the last. Starting with an apple and ending in porn, bankers, jellyfish and political discourse.

The cabaret art exhibition was fun too. I had no idea there were so many famous night clubs in Tehran, Camden, Nigeria and Mexico City and that they attracted so much modern art. The show took us from Cabaret Fledermaus in 1907 Vienna through Rome's 1921 Bal Tic Tac, Paris's 1880s Chat Noir, to Berlin's 1920s Weimar Nightlife and to Nigerian's 1960s Mbari and Harlem's 1930s Jazz clubs.

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