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Thursday, March 24, 2011

It won't be easy, You'll think it strange...

I left work on Thursday feeling slight apprehensive of the long journey ahead. We were heading for Argentina - Buenos Aires to be precise - for ten or eleven days. Although I'd been to South America once before - Brazil in 1998 - I'd not really spent any time in any of the big cities and wasn't really sure what to expect in terms of the people, the weather or culture.

One thing I did expect - and dread - though was the flying. I'm not as good flyer. And we'd be stopping to refuel in San Paolo for a few hours en route. So that coupled with two internal flights later in the trip meant that there'd be ten take-offs and landings to endure.

When we got to Heathrow terminal 5 we had a bite to eat and settled in for the wait. Sadly the wait was even longer than we'd feared as there was a two and half hour delay. Little did we know that the total journey time was ultimately going to take us 22 hours.
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